Chemistry Journal of Moldova

2018 Volume 13, no.2


Oksana Stavinskaya, Iryna Laguta, Olga Kazakova, Pavlo Kuzema, Tudor Lupascu

Field: Physical chemistry and chemical physics
Type: Short communication
Issue: 2018 Volume 13, no.2
Pages: 89-92
Keywords: Enoxil, biomolecule, fumed silica, composite, hygroscopicity.
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Abstract (PDF)
Graphical Abstract: Enoxil-silica composites with various Enoxil-to-silica ratios were prepared by mechanical mixing of the biologically active Enoxil and fumed silica powders. The hygroscopic properties of the composites were studied by the gravimetric method. . It was found that hygroscopicity is reduced by 30÷40% when the Enoxil-to-silica mass ratio in the composites is 0.15÷0.35.

 Holding time in desiccators: 92 (1), 141 (2) and 365 (3) days.


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